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A Boy With A Beard was born in a room in Brussels while singer/songwriter Sherban Vidick was trying to reconnect with his music self, after years of making music for/with others.

It first took shape in the form of soundscapes, involving drones and distorted guitar sounds to later evolve into a more song oriented project, looking towards rock, folk, psychedelic or even pop music.

It later expanded into a full live act consisting of Remy Schwilden on guitar, Bastien Hidalgo on bass/keys and Fabian Hidalgo on drums.

On stage they deliver a strong energy with a taste for melancholic harmonies and contemplative textures.

Photo by Ryszard Karcz

Session photo au Kodak Portra 400 120 6*6 et Chambre technique Sinar FP100 5.jpg 1.jpg 12 final.jpg