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inter/section from Ryszard Karcz on Vimeo.

Inter/section of time is a short documentary about discovering effects of dance on time perception.

Leaded by performer Lyam Clancy and Dr. Marc Wittman, this two-week long working process puts head attempts to discover relation between public/performance/time perception.

Produced thanks to San Diego University and Freiburg's Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health

A film by Ryszard Karcz

Körper, stimme und der räum is a short documentary created for the participants of the performance workshop leaded by Liam Clancy and Arianne Hoffmann at the Haus am Westbahnhof in Landau.

"Taking inspiration from dance, theater, performance art, singing and music, we’ll delve into chance and cultivate mystery to generate performances that we’ll share with each other."- Liam Clancy